School your taste buds.

Updated monthly, our cooking classes are taught in The Culinary Stone Kitchen by one of our renowned chefs in an intimate environment perfect for friends, family, or if you’re a sole foodies. there’s room for everyone at our table.

To book, call (208) 277-4116 or stop into the store and book at the register.

$40 per person.


april 2



Tuesday, April 2nd - 5:30pm

Chef Lesa

Join me for a mouth watering night learning the art of the soup dumpling!!! We will be making Pork Xiao Long Bao which is a dumpling with ground pork, spices and an explosion of broth when you bite into it!! We will also make the shrimp version of this. We will hand make dumpling skins and several divine dipping sauces... don’t miss this!

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april 9

french easter family menu

french easter family menu

Tuesday, April 9th - 5:30pm

Chef Patricia

This menu is in memory of the traditional Easter lunch served by my grandmother. Starter: Scallops in a leek and Noilly Prat wine sauce. Main course: a  traditional roasted leg of lamb revisited by stuffing it with a mix of fresh herbs and served with “flageolet” beans in a creamy garlicky sauce. Dessert : crème aux œufs caramel. Egg custard over a bed of caramel. 

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april 16

Spring into salads!

spring into salads!

Tuesday, April 16th- 5:30pm

Chef Bob

Now that Spring has officially arrived it is time to focus on delicious, creative entrée salads. For this class we will feature savory cheesecake salads; Dungeness crab cheesecake-Louis salad, Blue cheese-cheese cake with spring greens and a fresh pear vinaigrette, sundried tomato pesto crusted Salmon salad and a Shrimp and pasta salad with limemango vinaigrette.

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april 23

Spring cleaning

spring cleaning

Tuesday, April 23rd- 5:30pm

Chef Colomba

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to refresh your “clean eating” recipes. Chef Colomba will teach how to add freshness, flavor, spunk and nutrition to foods that will leave you feeling energized and happy. On the menu: Cuban-Style Cauliflower Rice Bowls, Shrimp Ceviche Stuffed Avocados, & Gazpacho Verde.

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buckwheat crepes.jpg

april 30

Ancient Grains, Modern Table

ancient grains, modern table

Tuesday, April 30th- 5:30pm

Chef Joni, of Snacktivist Foods

For tonight, I will plan to make dishes that feature whole cooked grains as well as flours. We will make foods for breakfast lunch and dinner. Examples include millet breakfast porridge, buckwheat crepes, teff polenta with marinara and chilled sorghum spring salad. We will discuss the rich histories behind these novel grains as well as their unique nutritional profiles. 

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april 4

creating creole

creating creole

Thursday, April 4th - 5:30pm

Chef Troy

For this cooking demo, we will be strolling down the backwaters of the bayou. We will make spring crawfish cakes with a spicy remoulade and revisit the classic “Cafe du Monde” beignet while we also recreate a historic recipe from the family of Culinary Stone frequenter, Connie Bennett; a Deep Rooted Creole Seafood Stew. I am so excited for this class that I wish I could actually attend it! 

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april 11

Salmon 101

salmon 101

Thursday, April 11th- 5:30pm

Chef Troy

Spring is finally here and fishing season is coming up! For this cooking demo, I will show you how to break down a whole salmon and utilize every part of it. Whether you are taking a trip to Alaska, or shopping at your local market, being able to butcher your own fish is fun and more rewarding than buying a “previously frozen” filet. The recipes we will tackle include: Japanese sashimi, salmon cakes, salmon tar-tar, seared filet, salmon-skin bacon and broth for cioppino. You will be able to use these techniques for every variety of your catch this season and also feel more confident about purchasing whole fish at your local market. Fish on!

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april 18

a night in india

a night in india

Thursday, April 18th- 5:30pm

Chef Lesa

Indian class is back! This will be a wildly flavorful class with so many spices! We will be making Kashmiri Biryani .. a basmati rice dish with lamb, dried fruit and rose petals! Next is Chicken Bhuna. This chicken is dripping in so many warm spices and lemon.. Last we will make a sweet, spicy, warm vegetable korma. This dish will be full of veggies, coconut cream and spice! We will also make naan bread to get every drop!! Book today as this class sells out!!

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april 25



Tuesday, April 25th- 5:30 pm

Chef Patricia

Sweet or savory, soufflés are simply delicious. They are a feast for the taste buds as well as for the eyes. We will prepare several soufflés among which the classic cheese soufflé and a chocolate soufflé for dessert. The savory soufflés will be served served with a salad.  Book soon, there will only be 14 spots available for this class! 

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116