School your taste buds.

Updated monthly, our cooking classes are taught in The Culinary Stone Kitchen by one of our renowned chefs in an intimate environment perfect for friends, family, or if you’re a sole foodies. there’s room for everyone at our table.

To book, call (208) 277-4116 or stop into the store and book at the register.

$40 per person.


june 4

Father’s Day Filet

father’s day filet

Tuesday, June 4th - 5:30pm

Chef Patricia

What’s better than a filet mignon to celebrate Dads? We will prepare an asparagus, zucchini and mint gaspacho for a starter. As a main course, we will cook wine sauces to match our black pepper filet mignon. Filet de boeuf poêlé au poivre concassé sur échalotes confites servi avec sa confiture d’échalotes au vin rouge : à steak au poivre with caramelized shallots served with a red wine and shallots jam. Not to forget the sweet tooth, a petit pot de crème au citron et framboises, à lemon and raspberry petit pot de crème.  

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


june 11

hot tamales!

hot tamales!

Tuesday, June 11th - 5:30pm

Chef Colomba

Tamales are an ancient food that bring the whole family together. Young or old, everyone can participate in making these delectable treats and everyone will delight in savoring them! Chef Colomba will teach every step in the tamale-making process from preparing the masa (corn-based dough), to making savory fillings and sauces, to tamale assembly and steaming.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116

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june 18

camp cocktail: gin!

camp cocktail: gin!

Tuesday, June 18th- 5:30pm

Chef Renee

Summer is camp season and who says camp is only for kids. Say hello to Camp Cocktail! This is the first of three Camp Cocktail classes. The June “camp” features the story, drinks, and flavors of GIN. From the drink of Holland’s nobility to America, come learn the journey of gin. What’s camp without a craft activity? Sharpen your mixology skills as we make, mix, and shake gin cocktails. June’s Camp Cocktail is your mid-week break tasting a variety of gins from botanical to floral. Cheers!  

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


june 25

summer kick off party!


Tuesday, June 25th- 5:30pm

Chef Bob

It’s official, summer has started and I’m kicking it off with a party. Begin with some socializing and a refreshing watermelon margarita, followed by Grilled Flatbread with two cheeses, rosemary and prosciutto, Skewered Antipasto, Roasted Marinated Olives with Feta and sliced Baguettes, pan grilled Scallops with Basil-Cilantro, Pistachio Pest over linguini and for dessert, Chocolate-Strawberry Shortcake.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


june 6

trip to japan!

trip to japan!

Thursday, June 6th - 5:30pm

Chef Lesa

Japanese is back!! This is a must eat class! First the umami Beef Enoki! Delicious enoki mushrooms wrapped in a thin slice of marinated beef.. sooo good! Next is Onokomyaki ! A super delish cabbage pancake. Crispy, savory and drizzled with Japanese mayo and toppings! Last... TONKATSU!! A succulent thin pork loin breaded and fried to perfection and garnished with a Tonkatsu sauce we will make in class! Don’t miss this!

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


june 13

Summer crawfish boil

summer crawfish boil

Thursday, June 13th- 5:30pm

Chef Troy

Join Chef Troy for this fun informative class on how to throw your own backyard crawfish boil. We will create an ancient Voodoo spice recipe to add magic to “The Boil”. We will also learn how to serve up these little bayou mudbugs, but wait! If you sign up now, Troy will also throw in a blackened catfish and raspberry salad to start this festive event. But that’s not all folks! What kind of Cajun event would this be if he didn’t finish it off with some of his classic beignets? Come join us suck the heads off these lil buggers and get this summer started!

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


june 22

cake decorating

cake decorating

Saturday, June 22nd- 2:00-4:00pm

Chef Tabitha

In this cake class our cake decorator Tabitha will be showing you how to decorate cupcakes with whip icing using different decorating tips and techniques. We will be learning simple decorating designs and even techniques for piping beautiful flowers. Every decorator will get to practice on and take home a colossal cupcake. We look forward to seeing you for this fun, summer cake decorating class!

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116

curry stew.jpg

june 29

a night in bali

a night in bali

Saturday, June 29th- 2:00-4:00 pm

Chef Lesa

Join me for a flavor bursting class featuring Indonesian food from Bali! We will make Jukut Urab... the most delicious salad made with toasted coconut, and a fried coconut sambal.. this is so over the top good!! Next we will make Kari lkan.. a silky bright curried stew with cod, coconut cream and potato with fresh herbs. For our dessert we will make the mysterious delicacy... black rice pudding. This rich creamy rice pudding has heavy coconut cream, fruit and black rice.... you won’t forget it!!! We will also make several sambal pastes!!

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116