School your taste buds.

Updated monthly, our cooking classes are taught in The Culinary Stone Kitchen by one of our renowned chefs in an intimate environment perfect for friends, family, or if you’re a sole foodies. there’s room for everyone at our table.

To book, call (208) 277-4116 or stop into the store and book at the register.

$40 per person.


January 8

Ramen and Wonton!

Ramen and Wonton!

Tuesday, January 8th - 5:30pm

Chef Lesa

A night full of umami flavors!!! I will teach you the art of making home made ramen noodles. These beauties will swim in a sumptuous bowl of umami broth filled with meat, veggies and garnished with a miso cured egg! Next we will make handmade WonTon  skins to be filled with pork and shrimp dropped into a deep, savory broth. This yummy bowl will be adorned with a soy cured yolk. There’s is already so much interest in this class so book a seat now!

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


January 15

heart-warming mexican

heart-warming mexican

Tuesday, January 15th- 5:30pm

Chef Colomba

Warm up this January with a tapestry of authentic Mexican flavors. Learn to weave together the rich flavors of chiles, tomatoes and onion as Chef Colomba teaches her favorite dishes. On the menu: Chicken enchiladas with carrot- guajillo chile sauce; arroz a la Mexicana (Mexican style red rice with vegetables) and stewed pinto beans with Pico de Gallo.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


january 22

power through the new year

Power through the new year

Tuesday, January 22nd- 5:30pm

Chef Claudia: New to Our Team!

Elevate your New Year’s health goals! Set the goals, and come learn how to sustain them with Power Foods that support digestive and immune systems.  This is an introduction to key foods like miso, apple cider vinegar, medicinal roots and mushrooms, seaweed, and how to incorporate them into our every day cooking in a tasty, fun way.  

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


january 29

parisian New year: bonne annee!

parisian new year: Bonne Annee!

Tuesday, January 29th- 5:30pm

Chef Patricia

Casual or elegant, sweet or savory, Crêpes are delicious, easy and fun to cook. We will be making a savory salmon Crêpes gâteau (cake), stuffed Crêpes with a delicious bechamel sauce, cheese...  and sweet crêpes for dessert. Crêpes are versatile and they offer a “world” of  different cooking possibilities....

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


January 12

SIchuan nights

sichuan nights

Saturday, January 12th- 3:o0-5:o0pm

Chef Lesa

A delicious spicy and savory night enjoying special Sichuan dishes. We will be making the famous spicy and oh so yummy Dan Dan noodles cooked with ground pork and black bean paste. Next is the amazing Fu Qi Fei Pian... delicate brisket that melts in your mouth with bold flavors and spice. This is topped with scallion and peanuts. Last we will make Peking shredded pork picked up and eaten in moo shoo wrappers!

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


January 17

january warming winter chowders

January warming winter chowders

Thursday, January 17th- 5:30pm

Chef Bob

When the temperature drops, there’s nothing like a bowl of chowder to warm you. Join chef Bob Black as he prepares some classics; smokey corn; crab chowder; cheese burger chowder; New England seafood chowder.  He will also be serving savory bacon and cheddar muffins and cornbread focaccia. 

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


January 24

an ethiopian journey

An ethiopian journey

Thursday, January 24th- 5:30pm

Chef David

Come on a journey to ancient land of Ethiopia, with chef “Sheikh” Dave Adlard! Learn the delicious secrets of Doro Wat and Misir Wat with injeera bread, three of Ethiopia’s most famous and wonderful dishes! Book today! A’salahamalakum!!

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


january 31

mardis gras: let the good times roll

mardis gras: let the good times roll

Thursday, January 31st- 5:30pm

Chef Race

Come down and enjoy an evening with Chef Race. Learn how to master the perfect seafood gumbo, Okra-Jambalaya prawns, mascarpone –chocolate beignets and a hurricane cocktail.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116