$40 per person. (Discount coupon book for $150.00/4 classes available at Culinary Stone for all cooking classes.)

Updated monthly, our KIDS cooking classes are taught in The Culinary Stone Kitchen by one of our renowned chefs in aN environment perfect for KIDS TO LEARN VALUABLE SKILLS IN THE KITCHEN.

To book, call (208) 277-4116 or stop into the store and book at the register.


Important tips

  • Please bring whatever supplies are found in your home kitchen.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one of the supplies listed, we will be sharing!

  • Parents must attend with child.

  • 10% discount on all items & beer/wine during class

  • Attention: *MASTERS class to continue with Chef David: 6 Mondays, November 5th through 

  • December 10th, 6-8pm, $160.00


October 27

Holiday Appetizers + Signature Virgin Drinks

Holiday Appetizers + Signature Virgin Drinks    

Monday, November 5th- 4-6pm

Chef Lesa

We will be making three amazing appetizers and two fun drinks to share with friends!! First, we will make a delicious Thai chicken satay skewer with amazing peanut sauce. Next, will be handmade pretzel knots with a cheese fondue. Last app will be Vietnamese spring rolls with a sweet chili dipping sauce!! Two fun drinks that pair well will be a cranberry spritz, and a hot spiced cider!

Supplies needed: 1 chef knife, bowls, small paring knife, spatula, measuring cups & spoons. 

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116


November 19


Stir Fry

Monday, November 19th- 4-6pm

Chef David  

Let’s learn everyone’s favorite fun food, Chicken Stir fry! Noodles, veggies, chicken (leftover turkey)... Yum! Learn how to cut, prepare and saute your own masterpiece! Supplies needed: rubber tipped tongs, knives, + bowls.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116



Canadian Christmas Baking

Canadian Christmas Baking

Monday, December 3rd - 4-6pm

Chef Lesa

An amazing deregulation class with sweet treats from the north. We will be making my grandma’s buttery shortbread that melts in your mouth. Next is Canadian butter tarts which are similar to pecan pie, minus pecans! Last is the delicious Nanaimo bars made with custard, chocolate and nuts!!! Yum!! Supplies needed: Baking sheets, spatulas, measuring cups & spoons, bowls, and a knife.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116



Holiday Gifts From the Kitchen

Holiday Gifts From the Kitchen

Monday, December 17th- 4-6pm

Culinary Stone Staff

Homemade gifts are the best! Come make some yummy food gifts for your teachers, parents, grandparents, etc.

No supplies neededFee: $20. 

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116




Holiday Tamales 

Monday, November 12th- 4-6pm

Chef Colomba

Did you know that high in the mountain villages of Southern Mexico there is one very special village that celebrated Christmas by making 50,000 tamales each year? People travel to this place from all over the country to take part in the celebration! A lot of hands are needed to complete such a task and it is CHILDREN who love to help the most! Come and learn the art of making TAMALES; create your own fillings and learn to make a pillow-like, soft corn masa (dough). This is the perfect holiday food to share with your whole family! No supplies needed.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116




Holiday Baking 

Monday, November 26th- 4-6pm

Chef Patricia

Learn some recipes that will teach you baking skills re-usable in other menus and recipes.  We will learn to make pâte à choux and crème patissière.  With these elements we will learn to prepare savory ‘’choux’’ for appetizers and sweet ones for dessert. Supplies needed:  sauce pan, mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, piping bag & tips, baking sheet, paring knife, + scale.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116



Christmas in Thailand

Christmas in Thailand 

Monday, December 10th- 4-6pm


We will learn about delicious delicacies made in Thailand and enjoyed during festive days. We will make a true Thai curry with coconut cream and fresh herbs. We will learn about Khao tom Mut, a sweet rice banana treat steamed in banana leaf... we will make sweet Thai tea to finish... truly traditional holiday treats! Supplies needed: Baking sheets, spatulas, measuring cups & spoons, bowls, and a knife.

To Book, Call (208) 277-4116