School your taste buds.

Updated monthly, our cooking classes are taught in The Culinary Stone Kitchen by one of our renowned chefs in an intimate environment perfect for friends, family, or if you’re a sole foodies. there’s room for everyone at our table.

To book, call (208) 277-4116 or stop into the store and book at the register.

$40 per person.


october 1

pasta night

pata night

Tuesday, October 1st - 5:30 pm

Chef Lesa

A very exciting night making homemade pasta! We will make fresh ricotta gnocchi with my famous gorgonzola sauce!!! Next is a very beautiful, delicate pasta...laminated pasta ravioli!! Herbs you can see like pretty paper filled with creamy ricotta, Asiago and chives covered in a browned butter sauce. Last we will make pink pappardelle with a vodka sauce... don't miss.

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Patricia Macaroons.JPG

october 10

marvelous macaroons


Thursday, October 10th - 5:30pm

Chef Patricia

A pastry very sought after : the French Macaroon

Not easy and rather technique... every bite is worth what it takes to make them. We will prepare sweet and savory macarons that will allow us to make macaron appareil

(dough), Madagascar Vanilla bean butter cream, darck chocolate ganache and 3 or 4 savory preparations a camembert and apple cream, a salmon and herbs spread, a provençal compote...A very "gourmand " class !(Gluten Free)

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Braised Shortibs.jpeg

october 17

warmth from italy

slow cooked warmth from italy

Thursday, October 17th- 5:30 pm

Chef Troy

Slow-cooked foods fill the kitchen and house with aromas of warmth and love. For this class we will start with just that: Ribollita, a slow-cooked soup full of beans, squash, kale and garlic then thickened with bread. Next we will prepare a perfect Parmigiano Reggiano Risotto while slow braising beef short ribs. I will show you how to make a reduction with the short-rib braise and serve this with our risotto and broccolini.

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october 24

a menu from alsace lorraine

A regional menu from alsace lorraine

Thursday, October 24th- 5:30 pm

Chef Patricia

We will bake Flammekueche the Alsacian counterpart of pizza followed by a "Poulet au Riesling" served with Spätzle a kind of pasta associated with Alsace and Moselle, very comforting food.

Dishes that are similar to German cuisine as France shares a common history and a border with Germany.

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Beef Brisket.jpg

October 26

smokin’ low & slow

smokin’ low & slow

Saturday, October 26th- 5:30pm

Chef David B.

Let’s dive into the Fall season with low and slow with pure smoked dry rubbed Beef Brisket accompanied by “Cast Iron” Smoked Green Chili Bacon Mac and Cheese and my Amazing yet Bright Pickled Red Onions! Enjoy a beverage and sit back in BBQ bliss and sample some amazing sauces that complement this smoked filled entrée.


october 3

the art of mole

the art of mexican mole

Thursday, October 3rd - 5:30pm

Chef Columba

Mole is an age-old tapestry of rich flavors and ingredients such as dried chilis, toasted spices, herbs, fruits and at times even fragrant chocolate. For hundreds of years, this elaborate sauce has been the center of southern Mexico's most cherished festivities allowing such ingredients to come together to delight the senses in lingering euphoria. On the menu: Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breast with Red Mole and Roasted Potatoes and Squash in Green, refreshing cucumber mint Raita, the perfect yogurt based dish to pair with both. BOOK NOW!

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october 8

autumn in italy

autumn in italy

Tuesday, October 8th- 5:30pm

Chef David A.

Early autumn treats from Italy and the Mediterranean! Featuring Dave’s Bruschetta, a lovely twist on one of the classic Italian starters, featuring Romas, parmesan, basil, and a secret ingredient! Italian Chicken Roulade, an Italian version of the classic French dish. This wonderful, beautiful dish will set your taste buds alight! Chicken, prosciutto, cheese, asparagus… all wrapped in bacon! And for the finish, world famous Banana’s Foster. Bananas sautéed in cognac, brown sugar, butter vanilla… a perfect end to a wonderful feast!

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october 15

fall for bitters

fall for bitters workshop

Tuesday, October 15th- 5:30 pm

Mixologist Renee’

Demystify bitters as you learn about the ingredients. Participants will choose from a variety of botanicals to make their own special blend. Class includes botanicals, jar with infusing base, an eyedropper dispensing bottle, instructions, worksheet, and recipes to complete the process. Participants will take home a jar of infusing goodness. Ingredients from this class will make approximately 24 oz. of bitters (equivalent to 2 of our DIY Artisan Bitters Kits).

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october 22

pho ga

pho ga

Tuesday, October 22nd- 5:30pm

Chef Lesa

Chicken Pho from scratch with rice noodles and all the herbs and spices! Next is Cha Tom... a crispy yummy shrimp cake with a sweet and spicy sauce we will make! Last, Vietnamese honeycomb cake...spongy, sweet and beyond beautiful!


October 25


Friday Night date night!

Friday, October 25th- 5:30 pm

Chef Lesa

ring your sweetheart. or your bestie for a fun night out learning to make Filipino delicacies you can eat with your hands while enjoying a glass of our amazing wine! We will make thrilled deep-fried yumminess...Lumpia!! Ground pork, herbs and spices with an amazing dipping sauce! Next is Tortang Talong!! A crisp rich eggy omelette made on a stick, so you can share. Last is the sultry, decadent Bibingka. This coconut cake is so amazing... a second date is a for sure!!!! Grab 2 seats now!!! This class offers group participation!!!

Gumbo  (2).jpeg

October 29

fall from the bayou

Fall from the bayou

Tuesday, October 29th- 5:30 pm

Chef Troy

Now that fall is upon us, it's time to start warming things up! For this culinary demo we will start with gator bites; crunchy but tender medallions of American alligator served with a spicy remoulade dipping sauce. Next on the menu will be a rich and dark authentic Cajun gumbo with andouille sausage and fowl. We will go over the technique of a dark roux. We will finish up with the classic Cafe du Monde-style Beignets, steaming hot and covered with powdered sugar.